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Polish products with a touch of

Italian craftsmanship

We create the best quality sweets and our greatest asset is Belgian chocolate of the highest quality. We, means Paulina and Luca, are passionate about good food, travelling, learning about new cultures and cooking for our family and friends.

Our chocolate products reflect those passions as are the reflection of where we come from. The fact that we use chocolate of the highest quality makes our sweets simultaneously inspire all the senses. Lupo means a wolf in Italian, a symbol of independence, loyalty, strength and intelligence. Teaches us to trust our instincts in creating unique products and reflects the character of Polish and Italian roots.

We offer traditional chocolates as well as more contemporary chocolate products, that are visually pleasing but also come with a range of unique fillings.

handmade chocolate

Even the ancient Mayans raved about the properties of cocoa fruit and believed that they came from the gods. To this day chocolate is the most appreciated confectionery product that can serve as an expression for our feelings, an aphrodisiac and can give us comfort and a taste of luxury.
The best way to taste in the chocolate is to let it melt in your mouth without any rush, relish the exploding of the flavors and enjoy the moment.

Sweet travels

The chocolate production process begins with growing of the fruit which is why it is very important for us to visit the plantations, talk to the farmers and watch the ripening of the fruit. Expanding knowledge about plant care, fruit selection and cocoa beans is extremely important to us.
Observation of the process of fermentation, drying and selection of seeds is exciting and the smell is intoxicating.

A better understanding of the whole process from the grain to the delicious chocolate bar result in our appreciation of the final product. There is no doubt that the most awaited moment is, of course, the tasting when we can compare all kinds of sweets and talk about them to other specialists.

Our studio is located in the heart of Bory Tucholskie, surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests where we create all of our products by hand. Keeping in touch with nature and taking care of the environment is a very important aspect of our work so we endeavour to make all our decorative boxes as multifunctional and recyclable as we can with the minimal use of plastic. Belgian chocolate is definitely one of the best in the world an that’s why we can offer a whole range of various, high-quality delicacies.

All of our chocolate products are handmade and made to order because we care about the freshness and the highest quality of products.

We offer the possibility of personalising our wooden boxes as marketing products, gifts for companies, wedding guests, cafes and ice cream parlours. It is also possible to order products in cardboard boxes and decorative bags.

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