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We offer traditional chocolates as well as more modern variants both visually and in terms of flavour. Because we care about freshness and the highest quality of our sweets, in our offer you will find chocolate bars, truffles, chocolates with unique fillings, chocolate lollipops as well as collections for specific occasions including Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

Vegan chocolates can also be found for all lovers of vegan cuisine and healthy sweets. Our chocolates can be used as marketing/advertising products or as gifts for wedding guests. They can serve as an extension to the menu in cafes and ice cream parlours or as a tasty addition to a Candy Bar for family events.

We also make badges and figurines which can be presented as an exclusive business gift. Chocolate marketing gifts are definitely unique and can have different shapes and messaging. All are designedindividually with the option of placing a trademark or any advertising information.


High-quality chocolate is the key to our success. It is thanks to it that our products are unique and can boldly compete with other world-class manufacturers.

In our offer you will find all kinds of chocolate:

Milk chocolate

Gentle, well balanced with a delicate addition of vanilla from Africa, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Dark chocolate

Rich and full of flavor from the corners of Central and South America with a hint of baked cocoa and citrus fruits.

White chocolate

Beautiful colour, mellow and buttery taste. It has the lowest cocoa liquor content.

Ruby chocolate

A new, fourth type of chocolate with a beautiful pink colour. Strong fruity and slightly citrusy flavour.

Gold chocolate

Wonderful golden colour, delicate caramel and slightly salty flavour.

Decorative boxes / cartons / cans or bags are made to order, with the possibility of displaying the company’s name and logo. Patterns, sizes and shapes are discussed individually and adapted to the needs of our clients.

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